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Tips on Dressing up in Bow Ties

The notion that real men only dress self-tie bow ties has continued for decades. You will probably have heard of this notion. In fact, there seems to be a problem with this notion. The notion is controversial by itself despite the fact that it has existed for some time now. It can quickly be judged that there is some sense of pride with being able to tie a bow tie. This, however, does not mean that people should regard the ones, which are pre-tied. A large number of people cast doubt to whether such ties would suit a black and white event. It is for that reason that this article will address concerns about bow ties.

If you have been to a black tie event, there may be a few occasions where you see people roaming with their tie loose. Therefore, you may quickly jump into the conclusion that only real me wear self-tie bow ties. As previously indicated, this is a misconception. The problem with it is that it limits your style. Agreeing to this view will curb you from discovering other great designs like doubled V-cut by Blue Cavalz. Tom Ford inspired bow tie is the other significant example of a sumptuous bow tie that you will be missing out on.

The true saying should not limit real men from expressing themselves. It is on that account of being free that you acquire both the self-tie and the pre-tied. What is crucial is that you bow tie complements your dressing and not if the bow tie is pre-tied or self-tie. There has been a lot of innovation to bow ties since they were first discovered in the seventeenth century.

You have a variety of bow ties to select from, and you should see various designs to get the one that fits your needs. What is crucial is that you dress it in the most appropriate way. Do not, therefore, strain on giving a lot of thought on the kind that you will dress. Fashion is everything to do with being open minded. The advice is always to have an open mind to make a few adjustments as you create your personal style.

In the end, do not let your style become obsolete. If for instance, the fashion leaders ceased to evolve, people will still have been dressing like beings from the stone age. What is crucial for your style is that you understand how to complement the bow tie to your outfit if you like wearing them or just looking to dress extraordinarily for an event. Now that you realize the freedom you have, you will have a better way of showing out your style.

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