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Tell-tale Signs of a Transmission Swap

For car owners, the biggest and one of the most expensive repairs that they will ever do is transmission swaps. Well, depending on the transmission’s problem is going through, there are several parts that can be replaced. At times, it is not just part but rather, the transmission fluid is what requiring replacement. On the other hand, the solution sometimes calls for the transmission replacement. The thing is, how you can assess when you should do a transmission swap and when is the right time to make this call.

There are lots of factors that have to be taken into mind with regards to transmission repair and it is not always focused on part replacement. As what mentioned earlier, replacing the transmission fluid often helps in solving multiple problems in your transmission but not all. There are part or parts that have to be replaced like for example, if there’s a fluid leak, the transmission seals might have to be replaced. Again, there are transmission parts that are accessible and therefore, it can be replaced without removing the transmission from the car’s body. However, not all parts can be easily checked.

To give you an example, if the mechanics are checking your transmission, they’ll be diagnosing the transmission to see which part is the root cause of the problem. In the event that they are having a hard time identifying the cause, then it will force them to remove the whole transmission.

At this stage, we are talking on a more serious repair. Basically, we’re likely to do a potential overhaul or transmission swap. With this being said, the mechanic will be rebuilding your transmission part by part, piece by piece. Transmission swaps or replacement however involves wholesale change of transmission. It is usually ideal that you have the transmission replaced instead of getting it overhauled if you would like to save time and energy.

There are times when the problem has gone long or has struck serious damage that there are parts of the transmission that calls for replacement. As what said earlier, this isn’t the commonest kind of repair to be done but it really is happening. The one question that makes people wonder now is how they can do transmission swaps.

Well, it depends but with proper care, you can expect your transmission to last approximately 160k kilometers. But then again, you would only be able to make this happen if you are giving enough time and attention to your car’s transmission, otherwise, you may not be able to reach this figure and have problems on your transmission halfway.

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